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Published on June 12, 2017

Appeals court upholds $11M wrongful imprisonment jury award

Appeals court upholds $11M jury award in St. Paul Toyota crash case

TwinCities.comA federal appeals court has affirmed an $11 million jury award related to a St. Paul automobile crash that killed three people and resulted in the wrongful imprisonment of a driver. Koua Fong Lee, left, and his wife, Panghoua Moua, react after hearing …WTOP Read more now

City settles federal lawsuit by man unjustly imprisoned 34 years

The settlement to the 2015 lawsuit was announced with a one-paragraph entry placed into the court record by Knowles.

“Following discussions among the parties, the above-captioned case has settled,” the judge’s notice read.

“The parties have requested …

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Foley files lawsuit seeking payment for wrongful imprisonment

Convicted, then acquitted for the murder of his wife, Dee Dee, Tom Foley has filed a lawsuit against the state of Michigan and Branch County for wrongful imprisonment.

The suit was filed under the 2016 Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Act …

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Wrongfully imprisoned face battle for compensation

When Snyder signed the Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Act into law, Michigan became the 32nd state, along with the federal government and the District of Columbia, to adopt compensation statutes.

But there have been problems with the statutes in …

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New Trial Requested in ‘Making a Murderer’ Case

DNA scientific testing on several critical pieces of evidence.

Avery and Dassey contend they were framed by law enforcement angry with Avery for filing a lawsuit against Manitowoc County over his wrongful imprisonment for a sexual assault he didn’t commit …

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