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Published on November 30, 2016

Appeals Court Reverses in Favor of Woman Bitten by Dog

Appeals Court Reverses in Favor of Woman Bitten by Dog dog owner is always responsible when the animal bites someone, a Florida appellate court ruled Wednesday — even if that person stepped into a dog fight.

Miamian Lisa Arellano took care of two escaped guard dogs for several days while trying to find …

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Judge rules two pit bulls that killed another dog to be euthanized puppy’s owner Sharon Carey tried to fend off the dogs without success. She suffered numerous bite wounds to her hand.

The puppy died from a collapsed lung and internal bleeding due to dog bites. Carey and her husband said the judge’s decision …

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Pet Therapy: Using behavioural forensics when dog bites dog

“Dogs biting other dogs” happens every day. And many owners of attacked dogs feel dismayed when aggressor dog owners refuse to accept fault.

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Dr. is In: Dog Bites and how to Treat them breeds of dogs are involved although certain breeds are responsible for more attacks relative to their numbers.

The terriers, working dogs and herding dogs are responsible for a majority of the reported dog bites. All age groups of people are …

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Hospitals treating more dog-bite victims in Stanislaus County and state number of people who seek treatment for dog-bite injuries has increased substantially in Stanislaus County, following a statewide trend.

Hospital emergency departments in the county are dealing with 100 additional patients with dog bites each year …

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‘Tis the season for dog bites“Dogs usually bite somebody who is a relative or a friend or a neighbor,” said Phillips, who represents dog-bite victims full-time, including many Bay Area clients.

“This gets worse around the holidays.” One big reason is that there are a lot more …

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Phoenix officers respond to shots fired, find man with dog bite

He appeared to be impaired by alcohol and had an injury, which he told officers was the result of a dog bite. No one else was inside the home. The man was treated at the scene and released.

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Sherman PD releases names of dog bite victims and her son were flown to Dallas area hospitals. The 9-year-old has bites to his thigh and shoulder.

Larkins has serious arm injuries that investigators say will need extensive surgery..

The dog owner was given a vicious animal citation, but he …

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