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Published on October 19, 2015

Ageism in the workplace: a persistent problem unlikely to go away

Ageism in the work environment: a consistent problem unlikely to go away
New York City, Oct 19 (Reuters) – When Leslye Evans-Lane left her teaching task in New Mexico at the age of 58 to move to Oregon with her hubby, she never ever pictured that it would be difficult to find work. But it took 2 years and more than 100 applications before she landed a part-time academic job. 6 months later, when the task ended up being full-time, she was replaced by somebody younger. “It is getting worse because the older generation does not have the money to retire then live 20 more years
Hit-and-run result in drug charges in South Brunswick
Authorities responded to a motor vehicle crash on Ridge Roadway near Julia Way. Officers reached the scene to find a 2014 Hyundai Accent in the street and the 2nd car had fled the location, cops said. An investigation determined the Accent, driven by town resident Wilma Davis, 70, was headed west on Ridge Road when a 2006 Silver Nissan Pathfinder headed eastbound
Off duty LPD officer assaulted by pets
An off duty police officer is recovering after a morning pet dog attack on Elizabeth Street in Lima. According to the Lima Police Department, third shift patrol officer Mark Link was taken to St. Rita’s Medical Center with severe injuries after 2 pitbulls attacked him. The Allen County Dog Warden’s Workplace was phoned call to the 900 block of North Elizabeth Street since the pets were loose and attacking people.
SEE: Rand Paul Walks Back Remarks on Being LGBT at Work, Attacks Trump
Republican presidential baffoon Rand Paul has actually clarified his remarks about workplace discrimination that were roundly slammed as saying gays ought to remain in the storage room. Rand Paul now says he does not believe individuals should not fired on the basis of sexual orientation, following criticism for remarks recommending LGBT individuals need to stay in the closet to prevent workplace discrimination, the Washington Blade reports. The united state senator from Kentucky and Republican presidential prospect isn’t really letting

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