Published on June 21, 2017

A Whistleblower Imprisoned, Not Silenced

A Whistleblower Imprisoned, Not Silenced

My name is Jeffrey Alexander Sterling, and I am an innocent man who has been wrongfully convicted of espionage after dedicating my life to serving the U.S. government.

I have always been a fighter.

I fought to graduate college, and was the first in my …


Double vision: KU Project for Innocence frees wrongfully imprisoned man after finding doppelganger

Despite maintaining his innocence from the start, Jones had already spent 15 years in prison for aggravated robbery – convicted after the victim and witnesses of a purse snatching identified him in a police lineup.

Without new evidence to counter the …


Death row inmate Tyrone Noling’s life may depend on DNA testing, attorney tells high court; Portage prosecutor say

Elkins was wrongfully imprisoned and spent nearly eight years in prison for the murder of his Barberton mother-in-law.

He was freed after a DNA test of a cigarette butt from another prison inmate was linked to DNA from the crime scene.

Earl Gene Mann …


This True-Crime Podcast Helped Exonerate a Man Imprisoned for 13 Years

A Swedish man convicted of murder and robbery and in prison for 13 years was freed after a retrial that was partly the result of a popular podcast.

Kaj Linna was released after the podcast Spar uncovered evidence that discredited a key witness whose …


Ohio budget bill would expand wrongful conviction payouts

A provision in the state budget bill would make it easier for Ohio’s ex-inmates to receive compensation for being wrongfully imprisoned.

Critics of the proposed change say the tweak would make Ohio’s wrongful imprisonment law the most …


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