Published on April 1, 2018

A Long, Hard Look at Police Brutality in 2018

Protesters will kneel as Super Bowl, Minnesota and police killing cross paths

Protests at the Super Bowl are not unusual — there were plenty in and around NRG Stadium in Houston a year ago. But at least one major demonstration at Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis was practically destined to take place.

And the odds were going to be high, even higher than last year, that the theme would involve taking a knee. Click for full story

It Is Time to Hold Officials Accountable for Police Brutality

Here’s some hypocrisy:

It’s NOT time to hold city officials in sanctuary cities accountable for not enforcing immigration laws but it IS time to hold city officials accountable for not enforcing laws that prohibit police brutality?

In September 1957, seven members of the Ku Klux Klan abducted Judge Aaron, a Black man living in Birmingham Alabama, before beating, castrating, and drowning him in a creek.

His torture and execution was one of thousands – part of the well-documented …

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Police misconduct can come in a lot of forms but one of the cases that are considered criminal in nature is brutality. This can put officers in a bad light, as much as police corruption does, especially since the public expects them to be the protector of society and not be the perpetrator. When these incidents happen, one can expect that a lawsuit is sure to come their way: primarily, due to their abuse of authority and, more importantly, their act of hurting people.

A victim of police brutality can seek the help of lawyers and organizations of concerned citizens who offer various forms of support.

“Driving While Black”: Humor brings light to the tragedy of police brutality

English art historian and writer Horace Walpole once famously said, “The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.”

But it can be argued that no one person is of so singular a mind that they can’t go between feeling and …

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Words and Pictures: ‘To Protect & Serve?’ showcases 50 years of police brutality protest posters

Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. Sandra Bland. Eric Garner. Freddie Gray.

In recent years, alleged police brutality has been at the heart of several high-profile cases both in the news and on social media.

The Black Lives Matter and Hands Up United movements …

Read more on LA Times

Why ‘black-ish’ Tackled Police Brutality

At PaleyFest, Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, discuss why the latest episode of their sitcom ‘black-ish’ got serious, to tackle the issue of police brutality.

Read the MSN report

Viola Davis Debuts Documentary Series On Police Brutality

The series features input from “law enforcement experts and independent observers,” along with appearances from Rep. Maxine Water, Rev. Al Sharpton and Christopher Darden, the co-prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

“Despite the fact that so …

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Grey’s Anatomy Touched on Police Brutality in a Devastating Way

Grey’s Anatomy once again quietly reminded us of current social injustice in tonight’s episode, “Personal Jesus.”

When a young black boy is rushed into the ER, he is accompanied by …

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Netflix Digs Deep Into Police Brutality W/ Regina King’s New “Seven Seconds” Series Trailer

Netflix continues to make it hard to pay for cable with endless original programming.

Next month, Hollywood actress Regina King and the executive producers of “The Killing” officially premiere their new “Seven Seconds” series.

The gripping story …

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LIVESTREAM: Alleged police brutality victim files lawsuit against APD

The Austin Police Department is facing a federal lawsuit alleging a white police officer used a Taser on a black teenager.

Edwards Law did not elaborate on the incident or where or when it happened, but said it would provide more …

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Police fire up to 9 times, killing stopped motorist

A fourth police officer was killed and two suspected snipers were in custody after a protest late Thursday against police brutality in Dallas, authorities said.

One suspect had turned himself in and another who was in a shootout with SWAT officers was also …

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Grey’s Anatomy Takes a Hard Look At ‘The Talk’ Black Parents Have to Give Their Sons About Police Brutality

The character’s name is Eric Sterling, seemingly named after two men who were gunned down by police.

Eric Garner, the New York man who cops put in a banned chokehold in 2014 and ultimately killed and Alton Sterling, who in 2016 was selling CDs outside a …

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No video, no answers in case of teen brutally beaten by police

With police brutality and cold-blooded killing around the country, the situation is forcing us to unify for justice as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been advocating, he said.

“Hopefully and prayerfully, they will get justice,” added Mr …

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