Surprising Facts About Workers Compensation

Surprising Facts About Workers Compensation

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Worker’s compensation insurance offers employees compensation for injuries or disabilities which they have developed during a workplace accident.

It covers medical expenses, a portion of lost wages and rehabilitation. The workers compensation settlement can either be a lump sum settlement or a structured payment plan.

While these are general facts about worker’s compensation, there are other facts you might not know.

Given below are some surprising facts about worker’s compensation.

  1. Wisconsin Was The First State To Pass The Worker’s Compensation Law

The Worker’s Accident Insurance Act which was passed in 1884 is a modern worker’s compensation system compared to the Employer’s Liability Law of 1871. The latter gave limited protection to workers only in certain factories, railroads and mines. FELA now covers railroad worker injuries and the Jones Act covers maritime injuries.

Before this, injured workers had to go to court to receive compensation. They hardly received compensation because employers took advantage of several laws to avoid liability and even blamed the workers for causing their own injuries.

Poor working conditions like cramped working spaces, exposure to toxic chemicals and lack of safety measures often contributed to workplace injuries.

  1. Worker’s Compensation Does Not Cover All Injuries

Given below are some of the injuries which are not covered by worker’s compensation.

  • Intoxication – Injuries which are a result of drug or alcohol abuse will not be covered by worker’s compensation. All workers are expected to stay away from drugs and alcohol in the workplace.
  • Commuting – Unless you are travelling for a job related purpose like making deliveries for your employer or travelling for business, you are not covered by worker’s compensation insurance if you get injured while commuting to and from your home.
  • Fights – If you intentionally start a fight with another co-worker and get injured in the process, your injuries will not be covered by worker’s compensation.

If you don’t know whether your injury is covered by worker’s compensation, we recommend hiring a good

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