Published on October 12, 2016

4 Michigan teens earn scholarships for work on distracted driving

4 Michigan teens earn scholarships

Michigan teenagers are taking to social media to encourage their peers to prevent distracted driving. High school trainees from throughout the state submitted entries in numerous mediums in an effort to earn the first Kelsey’s Law Scholarships. The “Kelsey’s Law Scholarship: Stop Distracted Driving Contest” is in honor of Kelsey Raffaele, who inspired Michigan’s teenager owning law after she was unfortunately eliminated in a 2010 cars and truck accident while using her cellular phone.

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Leading lethal teen owning mistakes and how moms and dads are instrumental AAA discovered that parents are partially to blame for the method teens drive and the lethal mistakes they make. ATLANTA-AAA has actually recognized 3 lethal owning mistakes teens make. They also discovered moms and dads are partially to blame for those driving habits. Teens learn to own by years of seeing how their parents communicate with other motorists and whether they’re complying with traffic laws.
This newest AAA research study exposed the importance of parents talking with teenager chauffeurs about personal obligation and following rules before starting motorist’s education. Moms and dads should also re-educate themselves considering that there are new guidelines for motorist education and license constraints. Loading … AAA’s leading mistakes teen drivers make of Autoplay Time out Show Thumbnails Program Captions Distracted owning, speeding and poor visual scanning– when you drive without inspecting your environments.
The more issues are attended to early, the much safer and smoother the entire procedure of effectively teaching teenagers to own can be. On Saturday Oct. 15, AAA is hosting an interactive Start Smart Drive Teen Event in Johns Creek. “& ldquo; Automobile crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States,” Sasha Marcinczyk, Georgia Regional President for AAA –– Car Club Group said. That is why we have to take this opportunity to warn teens and their parents on threats they face behind the wheel.”


NM releases brand-new anti texting TV advertisements
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.– The New Mexico Department of Transportation unveiled its most current TV advertisement to fight texting while owning, featuring a mother and her 2 kids taking a trip to and from soccer practice.

Throughout the advertisement, the mother texts and drives, swerving in and out of the lanes until she crashes into a truck head on, according to a news release.”No text is worth triggering an auto accident and eliminating a household, or yourself – it’s that easy,” Gov. Susana Martinez stated in a statement. “We understand it’s a deadly diversion, and we understand it’s avoidable.”The brand-new advertisement — offered at — will play throughout this week on TV and radio. National statistics from 2014 show sidetracked owning added to 16 percent of U.S. traffic crashes. In New Mexico alone, sidetracked driving has triggered 274 fatal car crashes in simply 2 years.

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