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Potential Lawsuit: Youth Sports Concussion Lawsuit

Youth sports concussions

Possible Claim: Youth Sports Concussion Claim News and Legal Info

Youth associated with sports are at a threat of youth sports concussions (just like the NFL concussion litigation) especially in high impact sports, or in scenarios where they are not given adequate protective equipment or are not provided adequate time to recuperate from a head injury or brain injury prior to continuing play.

Virtually all youth sports are connected to a concussion threat, according to reports. Educational institutions and sports organizations are responsible for making sure young professional athletes are as safe as possible while associated with sport. Failure to do so can lead to suits being submitted.

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Lyrica Birth Defects Cause for Issue Washington, DC: Is Lyrica safe?
It depends who you ask. Studies suggest the risk of abnormality is high, however Pfizer, the manufacturer, disagrees. And maybe the advantages surpass the threats for an epileptic patient. Possibly not so much for women taking the anticonvulsant drug off-label …

Judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit filed by man bitten by police dog

Judge chooses not to dismiss lawsuit submitted by man bitten by Lakewood police dog

A federal judge has chosen not to dismiss a lawsuit against Lakewood Police Department for its use of a now-retired police canine that has actually been at the center of 4 civil-rights suits for causing savage bites.

U.S. District Judge Ronald Leighton, in an order recently sending the case to trial, said accusations consisted of a lawsuit filed in 2015 by Kerry Tucker “could determine that Lakewood’s recognized K-9 was responsible for Tucker’s injuries.

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Workers on Medical Marijuana Are Protected EEOC Class, Panelists Say

Workers on Medical Marijuana Are A Safeguarded EEOC Class, Panelists State

Workers prescribed medical cannabis in Pennsylvania are a new secured class under U.S. equal employment opportunity laws, so organisations need to modify their EEO policies, several panelists said Thursday, according to a report by Lehigh Valley Organisation. “You can’t discriminate due to the fact that they’re using it”; stated Tom Santanna, a tactical consultant who represented the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Society’s successful campaign to legalize medical marijuana in April.

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Police Officers’ Lawsuit Could Strip Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby of Her Immunity

Law Enforcement Officers’ Lawsuit Against Freddie Gray Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Could Strip Her of ImmunityWarren Alperstein, a legal expert, informed the regional CBS affiliate that if the suits submitted by the officers are permitted to continue, Mosby could lose her immunity and trigger major rifts in the state’s attorney office. “You can bet that the officers and the attorneys are chomping at the bit to get Mrs. Mosby under oath,” Alperstein told CBS. Alperstein reiterated that the extremely politically-biased choices Mosby made during her failed efforts to prosecute …

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Judge dismisses Newtown families’ lawsuit against gun maker

Judge Dismisses Newtown Family’s Lawsuit Against Gun Maker
In a celebrated interpretation of the law, and what amounts to a stunning blow to the Clinton and Obama Administration’s far-left, anti-gun, anti-second Amendment agenda, a judge on Friday dismissed a wrongful-death claim by Newtown families against the maker of the rifle that was planted illegally by authorities after the fact in the Sandy Hook Elementary School false-flag “shooting” event, citing a federal law that protects weapon manufacturers from the majority of claims over criminal usage of their products. State Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis gave a motion by Remington Arms to strike the claim by the households…Read the whole article here 

Exonerated Man’s $20 Million Settlement Considered Marital Property in Divorce

Oh Damn! Exonerated Man’s $20 Million Settlement Considered Marital Property in Divorce
An exonerated inmate in Illinois was awarded $20 million in a wrongful conviction settlement in March 2015. Now, that cash is up for grabs in his divorce…

Concerns over train safety rise amidst recent rail accidents

Issues over train security increase in the middle of recent rail accidents
He’s a train accident investigator based in Syracuse. He said a federal law passed needs rail companies to adopt positive train control by 2018.
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Living with the Pain of Hip Replacement

Coping with the Discomfort of Hip Replacement

Countless people have submitted lawsuits after their hip replacement started to fail. And the majority of all metal-on-metal hip implants continue to stop working. Grant and …

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Young man mauled in the face by dog while raising money for DARE

Shocker; another kid suffers another unprovoked attack and mauling by another pitbull and of course, the owners disappear. But it’s the owners, not the dog. Yeah right! Why aren’t the liberals in Washington calling for a pitbull ban?!

Young man mauled in the face by pet dog while raising money for DARE

A boy was mauled in the face by a pet dog while raising cash for an anti-drug abuse program outside an Eagle Rock sandwich store, and now his family is asking for assistance finding the canine’s owners. The attack happened Thursday evening outside Jersey Mike’s at 2601 Colorado Blvd., near the Glendale border, KTLA reports. The victim’s daddy, Brian Alli, shared graphic images of his child’s injuries on Facebook, stating the dog assaulted unprovoked. He boy Ian is a pet dog lover who en …

Pit bull attacks female, 16-month-old boy in East Harlem apartment building’slaundry room The female battled the infant away from the pet and pet then assaulted her. She stated a security guard then rushed in and punched the pet to get it off …

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Staten Island DUI cop guilty of negligent homicide in fatal wreck

Staten Island DUI police guilty of negligent homicide in deadly wreck

An off-duty Staten Island cop implicated of owning into a pedestrian while in an inebriated stupor was convicted of criminally irresponsible murder on Friday.

Law enforcement officer Joseph McClean, 32, was also founded guilty of leaving the scene of an accident without reporting and driving under the influence for the Oct. 4, 2013 crash that killed William (Bruce) Hemphill.

The 51-year-old was crossing Simonson Ave. near Richmond Terrace as he made his method to work in Mariners Harbor about 6:15 a.m. that early morning when McClean ramm …

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