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Hackers are stealing closing funds by intercepting lawyer-client email

Hackers stealing lawyer-client closing funds

91 cases have been reported so far where hackers have intercepted or high-jacked emails and stolen funds. As if you don’t have enough to worry about!

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Second bellwether trial under way for DePuy Pinnacle hip implant

2nd bellwether trial under way for DePuy Pinnacle hip implant
The DePuy Peak hip implant is back on trial in a Texas federal court.
5 plaintiffs who received the metal-on-metal hip implant are having their …

Lawsuit Loans on Police Misconduct and Police Brutality Cases

Police Misconduct Lawsuit Loans

In the last 12 to 18 months, the topic of police misconduct has been a prominent feature in the news.

Police misconduct is a broad term used to describe any police actions which violate the rights of the citizens they encounter.

One of the most common forms of police misconduct is the use of excessive force, often referred to as police brutality. Another common form of abuse that has rocked the headlines recently thanks to the conviction and 263 year sentence handed down to ex-police office Daniel holtzclaw, is police sexual misconduct.

Police sexual misconduct is often considered a hidden crime that routinely goes unreported. Early this year, dozens of organizations advocating for women of color told the Presidents Task Force on 21st Century Policing that police sexual misconduct is by no means an isolated phenomenon and requires a policy response by law enforcement agencies.

An Epidemic of Police Misconduct?

As the Associated Press recently uncovered in a yearlong investigation, police sexual misconduct is rampant in America and likely woefully underreported. The findings show that female officers report that police sexual misconduct is common. In a 2010 report, police sexual misconduct is the second most common form of misconduct reported, with 517 officers involved in sexual misconduct complaints during that period, 297 of the complaints involved non-consensual sexual activity such as sexual assault or sexual battery. The researchers stress that police sexual misconduct is likely perpetrated by a small number of officers and not by a large proportion of officers.

Police sexual misconduct is common, and anyone who maintains it isnt doesnt get it, says retired Seattle police chief Norm Stamper, author of the book Breaking Rank. In fact, there are several ways in which we generally categorize and classify police misconduct and, while this may seem to be complicated, it is important to first understand what police misconduct is and entails before we delve into what causes it and what can be done in response to it.

Despite becoming a more prominent issue in landscape of American public opinion, police misconduct is still a largely unstudied issue and no other sources of current statistical and trending data exist with which we could use to analyze the nature, persistence, and prominence of police misconduct in America.

Being the victim of police misconduct is obviously a frightening and upsetting experience. Becoming a victim of police misconduct can be very overwhelming and shock will eventually set in at some point or another, in one form or another. There are no support groups out there for victims of police misconduct, little research has been done on the unique psychological effects of it even though being a victim of police misconduct is a unique kind of trauma that erodes ones own sense of security in ways unlike other kinds of crimes.

Daniel Holtzclaw and the Limits of “Community Policing”

Daniel Holtzclaw and the Limits of “Neighborhood Policing”
Police sexual misconduct is the 2nd most common type of police misconduct after excessive force, comprising 9 percent of cases reported in the media, …
Cincinnati-area teen killed in crash; Sebring water authorities suspended; Toledo officer faces DUI …
An off-duty Toledo police officer is dealing with charges after supposedly driving … The Dayton chapter of the NAACP will discuss police brutality in a Town …
How Flint, Ferguson and Baltimore are all connected
The 2 others began with cops violence, but in disparate levels: the newly … “We’ll see authorities brutality in Ferguson, and we’ll see cops cruelty in …
Trial implicating PBSO deputy of excessive force begins today
Attorney Jack Scarola, who is anticipated to seek millions for Stephens, read jurors a list of 5 names often connected with authorities brutality. In addition …

Recent Victories for Risperdal Victims Should Encourage More to Take Action

Recent Victories for Risperdal Victims Need to Motivate More to Act
After numerous recent verdicts against Risperdal maker Johnson & Johnson (J&J), the future looks extremely promising for the roughly 1,600 cases that are …

Pedestrian suffers head injury after being hit by SUV

Pedestrian suffers head injury after being hit by SUV
Police stated Wheel was using black clothing, and the accident occurred at an unlighted crossway. Sheave told authorities his head and left hip were …

Ballard County Woman Killed in Pedestrian Accident
WICKLIFFE, KY – A Ballard County lady is dead after a semi struck her head on. According to the Ballard County Sheriff’s Department a pedestrian …
Pedestrian struck, eliminated while strolling along highway
Cops are on the scene of an accident including a pedestrian who was struck and killed while walking along a street in Cobb County Tuesday …
South Cobb Drive closed after fatal pedestrian accident
All northbound lanes and most southbound lanes of South Cobb Drive were closed early Tuesday after a pedestrian was struck and killed at Walthall …
Lowell man charged in hit-and-run that hurt pedestrian
Lowell man charged in hit-and-run that hurt pedestrian … Alexandre Deoliveira is charged with leaving the scene of an accident triggering serious …

Pit bull attacks, kill 7-year-old

Pit bull attacks and kills a 7-year-old child
Seven-year-old Talan Nathan West was fatally attacked Sunday morning by a pit bull … It’s the 3rd fatal dog attack in Robeson County since 2012.

Pit bull attacks, kills 7-year-old
It’s the 3rd deadly canine attack in Robeson County considering that 2012. In 2014, 83-year-old Alemeaner Dial suffered serious injuries when assaulted by two family …
Woman almost loses hands during dreadful pet attack
Gardaí were forced to draw their batons and consistently strike a pet throughout a savage attack that left a young woman with major injuries to both her …
Treat attack in Little Canada
When police came to examine the most likely frigid pooch, the canine was … The crowbar-wielding man tried a snack attack, however police discovered he …
11 The majority of Unsafe Pet dog Types That Bite The Most Individuals
We were questioning exactly what are the most hazardous pet breeds that bite the most individuals, so we have actually chosen to do a little research. At the very start, …

Will Smith isn’t getting Super Bowl tickets from the NFL this year

Awww, let’s all line up and cry for multi-gozillionaire Will Smith because the NFL isn’t giving him free tickets to Super Bowl 50 this year.
Poor guy. Stars in a movie that showcases the NFL to be the douchebags that they are and in return, the NFL acts like a petulant child and takes a swipe at the A-lister by not giving him free tickets to the Super Bowl this year.

But with an estimated net worth of $250 million (yeah, a quarter of a BILLION dollars) Will Smith will just have to break out his black AMEX card and spring for his box suite tickets this year like everyone else.
No need to start a GoFundMe page for him though – pretty sure he’ll be okay.

Will Smith isn’t getting Super Bowl tickets from the NFL this year
Will Smith isn’t getting free Super Bowl tickets from the NFL this year … the star of Concussion, appear to be getting tickets for the Super Bowl from the NFL …

Bladder Mesh Litigation? Check This Out

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

Bladder sling devices were created to correct Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) and Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). Thousands of complaints and lawsuits have been filed and countless studies and reports have been done that draw attention to the complications that have been discovered since mesh implants have come into widespread use. Two common side effects are organ perforation and erosion.

Many women have sought compensation for the physical suffering and emotional toll that they must endure resulting from these side effects. The complications are not easily treated since they require multiple surgeries, sometimes as many as five or more surgeries in order to correct the damage that was done, and that’s assuming it can be fixed at all. Some unfortunate women have experienced such terrible side effects that any sort of corrective surgery at all would be life-threatening or even deadly and is therefore out of the question and thus, they must suffer with this worsening condition for the rest of their lives.

Many of the manufacturers that make mesh implants, who have consistently denied any liability are now faced with tens of millions of dollars worth of individual and class action lawsuits. Of the tens of thousands of women that have filed lawsuits in both state and federal courts so far, some have settled while others have gone to trial, been decided by a jury and have received favorable verdicts – one verdict so far has been $100 million!

By mid-2014, almost 50,000 women had filed litigation against the various vaginal mesh manufacturers because of severe injuries resulting from their products.

Historically speaking, bladder sling litigation can typically take between 2 and 5 years to settle, sometimes more. Many women have experienced moderate to severe financial trouble during this time as many are often unable to work during or after getting revision surgeries wherein they attempt to remove or modify the mesh.

Driver, distracted by washing windshield, hits man directing Carteret traffic

Driver, distracted by cleaning windshield, hits man directing Carteret traffic
CARTERET– A motorist, perhaps distracted by a strong sun glare and her windshield wipers, struck a male holding a flag at a building site in …

Tougher Texting & Driving Costs Presented in Florida Legislature
Florida might discover itself with tougher laws relating to texting and driving as … about the threat associated with texting while driving and distracted driving, …
Tennessee DOT holds contest for best security message to show on interstates
Five highway classifications are offered, consisting of seatbelt usage, damaged driving, distracted driving, speeding, and aggressive driving. The contest …
‘3-D’ Driving under the influence Awareness Event Turning up At Ocean County Mall
“This effort brings an increased awareness to the vital issue of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and distracted driving,” Ocean …
Seattle pedestrians bad at strolling, motorists bad at driving
A motorist approaches a stop sign while texting in Seattle’s University District. The city is releasing a project in April to focus on sidetracked motorists, …
June is the National Safety Month. Now, as part of this whole campaign, DriveCam Inc. has most recently announced that it is supporting this event and would be doing this by highlighting the risky driving behaviors. These behaviors would be those that would most likely lead to collisions and accidents. DriveCam Inc. is a Driver Risk Management (DRM) company.
According to DriveCam Inc., by revealing these risky driving behaviors, they would be able to heighten awareness. And by doing this, they would also be able to help out in improving safety for everybody who is on the road or even just on the side of the road.
This is indeed a good way to heighten the awareness of people and drivers. The National Safety Month was first established in 1996 by the National Safety Council. This is all in part of the statistics that they have gathered which informed them that motor vehicle crashes have been the leading cause of accidental death and injury. Their statistics continue to show this fact.
As per the figures for the year 2004, it shows that there were 110,000 accidental deaths for that year. However, the upsetting fact is that out of this huge number, 46,200 Americans have died in motor vehicle collisions plus some 2.4 million that were seriously injured. And as part of the studies, most accidents started from risky driving behaviors.

On DriveCam Inc’s end, they were able to take in facts and data from the commercial fleets that used their products. They were able to get thousands of videos that recorded events of unusual driving behavior as well as risky driving behavior. They studied their data and they have identified seven common risky driving activities that could be the results of crashes. The list included following too close or tailgating; poor awareness when approaching intersections; driving while distracted; not looking far enough on the road ahead; speeding and driving too fast; fatigue; and passing and risky lane change.