The first of many class-action lawsuits against Equifax

Baltimore law firm leads class-action against Equifax is one of the first states to file a class-action lawsuit against Equifax for its massive data breach exposing personal information for 143 million people.

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Will Equifax be held accountable?

It will likely be toward the end of the year when the many class actions come before a multi-district litigation panel and are moved into one proceeding, according to Francis.

After that, the group can be certified as a class.

If you are part of the …

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US Justice Department investigating Equifax execs who dumped shares before announcing breach U.S. Justice Department is said to be investigating the questionable sale of stock by Equifax executives in advance of the company’s public announcement of its massive data breach.

The investigation is said to include U.S. prosecutors in Atlanta …

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Equifax: How Revenue And Business Model Will Be Impacted By The Breach Equifax (NYSE:EFX) announced its unprecedented data breach, much has been written about its mounting lawsuits.

Many also correctly posited that the pending government investigations will likely lead to large fines.

There also is the case of …

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The Equifax Breach and 5 Years of Missed Warning Signs that Equifax’s chief information officer along with their chief security officer were retiring should alleviate few concerns and not divert scrutiny from the company’s risk governance standards.

While this is not the largest data breach in …

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Mother of 2 killed by 20-year old drunk driver WITH 3 PRIOR DUI’S!!!

Mother killed by 20-year old drunk driver WITH 3 PRIOR DUI’S!!!

OPINION: This is a case where the system has clearly failed. This 20-year old already had 3 prior DUI’s and was still walking around free and driving on a suspended license. He should have already been in prison but the judge let him walk “with restrictions”. Now an innocent mother of 2 is dead because of that decision. Things need to change so that DUI gets mandatory prison time BEFORE someone is killed. Township, NJ
Authorities say a 20-year-old with multiple DUIs on his record hit and killed a mother of two in Washington Township, New Jersey.

According to authorities, he was under the influence again and was driving with a …

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Families, friends remember drunk driving crash victims at Walk like MADD, SC
Mothers Against Drunk Driving, MADD, held the annual “Walk like MADD” event in Greenville Sunday to bring awareness to drunk driving.

Friends and families of victims killed in drunk driving crashes gathered together to …

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Family, friends of mother killed by alleged drunk, wrong-way driver: “Would like to see some remorse”
A Milwaukee mother of two was killed by a wrong-way driver, and prosecutors say that driver was drunk.

Candace Franckowiak was working as a medical courier when she was struck head-on, and Franckowiak’s family is remembering a …

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Deadly Drunk Driving Wreck Lands Donna Woman In Prison Donna woman has been sentenced to seven years in prison for a drunk driving wreck that killed an acquaintance of hers.

A Hidalgo County jury handed down the punishment against 40-year-old Perla Elizabeth Arguelles.

Arguelles, early the morning of …

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Drunk driver jailed after crashing and killing man on first Tinder date drunk driver killed a man who was on a Tinder date and left the woman he was meeting in a coma after running them over.

Ion Toader, 34, crashed into Ronald Cardenas, 32, and Ruxandra Zavoianu, 28, after flipping his Mercedes on Willesden High Road, …

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Man sentenced for drunk driving crash near Marina del Rey that killed Georgia firefighter firefighters from Station 96 salute as the body of Georgia firefighter Ron Herens, who was killed in a suspected DUI crash in Marina del Rey, was driven by procession from the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office to Rice Mortuary in Torrance.

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Lincoln High School Football Player Killed in Crash with Suspected Drunk Driver person driving Allison is in stable condition at the hospital.

Late Friday night a small memorial of candles had started near the signal post where the crash happened.

The Lincoln Lunatics twitter account posted, “Prayers, always.

Support our …

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UPDATE: Wrongful Death Lawsuits Around The Country This Week

Mentally ill Bronx man killed by police Taser ignites wrongful death lawsuit against cop and NYPD family of a mentally ill Bronx man who died after a cop subdued him with a stun gun will file a wrongful death suit against the NYPD and the officer who used the device.

The state attorney general’s office has already indicated that it would not …

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Timeline in murder case against ex St. Louis police officer St. Louis judge ruled Friday that former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley is not guilty in the 2011 death of Anthony Lamar Smith.

A timeline of events leading up to the ruling…

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against The Boy Scouts of America many parents, the thought of losing a child is almost too much to bear.

Unfortunately for two parents in Texas, John and Copper Comita, they’ve had to face every parent’s worst nightmare and filed a wrongful death lawsuit as a result.

Their lawsuit …

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Trial Begins In Wrongful Death Lawsuit Of U Of O Student, Oregon
Trial has begun in the civil lawsuit filed by the mother of Lauren Jones, a University of Oregon student who died during a meningococcal outbreak in 2015.

During opening statements Wednesday, attorney Dave Miller told jurors that …

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Widow claims aircraft upgrades played a role in husband’s death, ALASKA
The widow of a Pennsylvania dentist has sued Rainbow King Lodge and the provider of popular aircraft modifications, claiming they are responsible for killing her husband in a 2015 plane crash.

The wrongful death suit targets the …

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Family of Sachem East Football Player Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit to the claim, Ancharski-Mileto said the school district and football club’s “negligence and carelessness” were the reason behind the accident that claimed her son’s life.

But what happened?

Well, the accident took place at a summer football …

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Abuse allegations, arrests mount at state mental hospital, Connecticut
At Connecticut’s only maximum-security psychiatric hospital, staff members put a diaper on a patient’s head, threw food at him, poured water over him, put salt in his coffee, kicked him and placed a mop on his head after cleaning a floor, according to a state report.

Thirty-one staff members at the Whiting Forensic Division hospital in Middletown have been suspended, and nine have been arrested.

More arrests are expected, police say, and calls are pouring in with more allegations of misconduct and abuse, according to a state lawmaker who is calling for legislative hearings.

Current and former staff members, as well as patients’ relatives, are alleging abuse of other patients and staff wrongdoing, she said.

“It’s really incomprehensible that this could happen in this day and age,” said Sen…

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Adrian Jones’ family files wrongful death lawsuit new $25 million lawsuit has been filed in the death of Adrian Jones, a 7-year-old boy who was horribly abused.

His body was fed to pigs to cover up the crime.

His father and stepmother are both in prison for his abuse and death.

When Adrian’s …

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Hernandez estate loses bid to move wrongful death suits to Bristol County estate of Aaron Hernandez has suffered a setback in a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the families of two alleged victims of the former New England Patriots star.

In a recent ruling, Suffolk Superior Court Judge Douglas H. Wilkins denied a motion …

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UPDATE: Fatal Car Accidents in the News

UPDATE: Driver charged for deadly crash on Oracle Road 11:45 p.m. on Saturday, September, 17 officers responded to a crash on north Oracle Road at Auto Mall Drive involving a single vehicle with three passengers.

Traffic detectives identified the male passenger in the rear seat of the vehicle as …

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‘Body parts everywhere’ Hero Marine who saved kids from M5 crash reveals horrific details HEROIC Royal Marine has revealed how he pulled two terrified children from the wreckage of their family’s car after it was involved in yesterday’s horrific crash on the M5 which left four people dead.

Alex Morgan, 27, was travelling to Coventry with his girlfriend Hayley O’Connor for a wedding when the tragic motorway accident unfolded in front of them.

Mr Morgan was texting in the passenger seat when Miss O’Connor suddenly stopped.

He described seeing “body parts scattered everywhere” as he rushed to help the two children, who were hanging upside down inside the vehicle which was lying on its roof halfway down a bank.

Mr Morgan said: “For work you get a bit of experience and training in first aid, but this was by far the worst road traffic collision that I have seen in this country. “It was harrowing.

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Local Dunkin’ Donuts owner, one of the victims of fatal crash in Milton, N.Y.
More information has surfaced regarding one of the victims of a double-fatal car crash in Milton, Friday night.

Sources close to the family tell us he was a local business owner in Saratoga County.

Sources close to the family …

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Fatal car accident on FM973 leaves one dead to the Texas Department of Public Safety, deputies were called out for a vehicle collision on Saturday, September 16, 2017 around 11 pm on FM 973, about four miles north of Del Valley.

During their investigation, deputies learned that a …

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Fatal Crash Leaves 3 People Pinned, 1 Dead In Southeast Washington crash occurred on Good Hope Road and Altamont Place at about 12:45 a.m., DC Fire and EMS officials said.

Three people were pinned in two separate vehicles—a black car and a red pickup truck.

Officials said they were able to get three people …

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Police investigating fatal crash in Pinellas Park now, investigators say they only know that the driver is dead as a result of injuries from the crash.

Traffic homicide investigators are trying to figure out what led up to the crash.

The intersection is expected to be closed for several hours …

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The Day Atheism Saved My Life years ago today, a pharmacy technician from Minnesota, lost her 27-year-old son.

She posted a beautiful essay about her memories on Facebook on Saturday and gave me permission to reprint the story on this site.

September 17th, 2013 was a Tuesday, which is to say it started out like most weekdays.

The alarm went off around six and I dragged myself out of bed sometime in the next half-hour.

My husband Mike got up first and let the dogs out long enough for them to do their business, then fed them and our kitten Schrodinger.

I drank several cups of coffee while checking my emails and our bank account, as Mike and I discussed whatever news stories were running that morning.

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Man, woman are killed in Fairfax County crash; “ juvenile female” severely hurt man and a woman were killed Saturday night in a car crash in Fairfax County, the police said.

They said a “juvenile female” was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The crash occurred in the 10500 block of Beach Mill Road, the police said.

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Stockton PD: One dead in fatal car crash, man arrested for DUI Stockton Police Department has arrested a suspect who was involved in a crash that killed one young man.

The fatal crash happened in the 4900 block of Pacific Ave. Three cars were involved in the incident.

The unidentified young man died at the …

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5 Freeway In Sun Valley Reopens After Fatal Crash person was killed in a fiery four-car crash that included a Los Angeles County sheriff’s patrol car transporting two inmates, shutting down all lanes of the southbound 5 Freeway at the 170.

The four-vehicle crash happened …

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Chris Soules Returns to Court for Hearing on Fatal Car Accident, Wants Case Dismissed Associated Press reported that Soules’ attorneys asked the judge to dismiss a charge against him for allegedly leaving the scene of the accident, which occurred near his hometown of Aurora in April.

Soules has been accused driving a pickup truck …

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$15M verdict in police shooting of unarmed black man heading to mediation

$15M verdict in police shooting of unarmed black man heading to mediation“Defendants were saddled with the impossible burden of defending not only this case, but also the ubiquitous but unsubstantiated narratives that police are allegedly targeting African-Americans for excessive force,” he wrote.

“It is apparent that the …

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3 police shootings weren’t caught on body cams. This is why, cops say say Derry was the aggressor, and pulled a gun during a foot pursuit.

Derry, who also plans to sue the department, says the police used excessive force and officers never found a gun because he did not have one.

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Man Claims Police Used Excessive Force During His Arrest HEIGHTS
The fence is still locked in front of the boarded up, three-story house where an electrical fire burned everything back in June.

“All’s I can remember yelling is this is my mom’s house, this is my mom’s house,” said Dryw Westerman.

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DOJ Changes Excessive Force Program General Jeff Sessions just got his wish to rollback agreements made between the Department of Justice civil rights division and local police departments to combat excessive police force under former President Barack Obama.

The Department of …

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Video Of Alleged Excessive Force On Carjacking Suspect Released In Trial Of Baltimore Co. Officer scene was caught on camera by a Baltimore City police helicopter, which captured the alleged use of excessive force on video, as it circled over the scene as backup.

The next day, City Police alerted County Police to Spivey’s on-camera kicking. It …

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Hurricane Irma looters in jail

Harsh warning about looting and curfew issued in Tampa as Hurricane Irma approaches, FL
Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn announced a curfew and a stern warning against looters Sunday morning.

Hurricane Irma was forecast to hit Tampa and other highly populated areas of the Florida west cost as a Category 3 storm.

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Nine people busted for looting in Ft. Lauderdale during Irma busted for looting in Miami, Fort Lauderdale during Hurricane Irma


Dozens of people have been arrested for looting as Hurricane Irma trudged through Florida on Sunday, including nine people caught on camera at a sporting goods store in Fort Lauderdale, police said.

The alleged bandits were captured by WPLG-TV looting Simon’s Sportswear store, with some stepping in and out of a broken window with pilfered goods despite Irma’s heavy winds and rain.

Footage shows alleged looters during Hurricane Irma in Fort Lauderdale. (WPLG) “Going to prison over a pair of sneakers is a fairly bad life choice,” Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Rick Maglione said in a statement .

“Stay home and look after your loved ones and be thankful they are all safe.”

Police said the group also burglarized a Cash America Pawn on Sunrise Blvd.

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Miami police share picture of Hurricane Irma looters in jail Miami, police shared a photo of looters in jail with the Facebook caption, “Thinking about looting? Ask these guys how that turned out. #stayindoors”.

Nine people were arrested in Fort Lauderdale after they were caught on TV cameras looting sneakers …

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Florida police arrest looters during Irma police arrest looters during Irma Published September 10, 2017 Print Water rising up to a sidewalk in Miami during Hurricane Irma. (REUTERS/Carlos Barria) Florida police made a string of arrests in Fort Lauderdale Sunday after they said several people were caught looting stores. Local news station WPLG caught on camera a group of eight to nine people breaking into a sportswear store before moving on to other shops. The Fort Lauderdale Police Department later tweeted that they arrested nine people in connection with the lootings. #FLPD Looters ARRESTED! 9 individuals were arrested Looting CashAmerica Pawn & Simon’s on W Sunrise Blvd. Full article

Hurricane Irma – Looters steal GUNS and spark SWAT team stand … – The Sun are taking advantage of evacuated properties across Florida – as one group allegedly looted an empty sports store – sparking a stand off with SWAT …Daily MailWKMG Orlando Full article

More Than 2 Dozen Arrested For Irma Looting in Fort Lauderdale teen was shot by a deputy and another is in custody after they burglarized a home during Hurricane Irma Sunday morning, while looters have been spotted …

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Three arrested for Florida break-ins during Hurricane Irma Adams was arrested for looting a business in St. Lucie, Florida.

He makes the third person to be detained for looting during evacuations for Hurricane …

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Pregnant woman killed after car accident in Bluffton’s most dangerous intersection

Pregnant woman killed after car accident in Bluffton’s most dangerous intersection Highway 278 and Buck Island Rd. meet is the most dangerous intersection in Bluffton with a total of 8 accidents with injuries in the past 8 months.

Now the intersection has claimed a fatality, after a three-vehicle …

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California teen charged in fatal crash streamed live on Instagram, California
Prosecutors charged a teenage driver Wednesday with vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and other counts after she lost control of her car while livestreaming on Instagram and recorded a crash that killed her younger sister.

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Xarelto Bellwether Trials Not Boding Well For Plaintiffs

Second Bellwether Xarelto Lawsuit Goes to Defendant, All Eyes on Third Orleans, LA
The second bellwether Xarelto lawsuit in multidistrict litigation over allegations of Xarelto bleed-out in association with the new age blood thinner has gone, like the first, to the defendant.

While this may prove disappointing to …

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Johnson & Johnson, Bayer score a second key win in Xarelto bleeding litigation & Johnson and Bayer are two-for-two in defending Xarelto against liability lawsuits.

The drugmakers aren’t in the clear yet, though, with another bellwether trial set for August and thousands of additional suits claim the blockbuster blood …

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Bayer, Janssen Win 2nd Xarelto Bellwether Trial New Orleans federal jury on Monday awarded a defense verdict to Janssen and Bayer in the second bellwether trial in multidistrict litigation over unstoppable bleeding allegedly caused by their blood …

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J&J, Bayer Cleared of Responsibility at Xarelto Trial & Johnson and Bayer AG aren’t responsible for a Xarelto user’s internal bleeding, a jury found in the first trial over the blood-thinning drug.

J&J and Bayer didn’t mislead a Louisiana man and his doctors about the blood-thinning drug’s health …

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UPDATE: Notable Multidistrict Litigation Cases Happening Now

Ex-NFL Player’s Family Wants CTE Suit Severed From MDL“The court and the attorneys involved with the NFL MDL did a remarkable job in achieving a settlement to bring a lot of great needed relief to a lot of families,” Robinson’s attorney, Bradford Sohn of Coral Gables, Florida, said.

“But these claims …

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World’s Top Weed Killer Causing Cancer? EPA To Decide judge is presiding over multidistrict litigation composed of 310 plaintiff lawsuits against Monsanto filed by cancer victims around the country.

(It will likely consolidate hundreds more suits.)

Chhabria has told both sides that the question of …

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Anthem Settles MDL over 2015 Data Breach $115 Deal Sets Record for a Data-Breach Settlement insurance giant Anthem Inc. reported on February 4, 2015, that its computer systems had been targeted in a “very sophisticated external cyber attack.”

The hackers stole personal information from nearly 80 million Anthem employees and customers, …

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Parties in Bard IVC filter MDL spar over expert witnesses Bard on Wednesday asked a federal judge to exclude four expert witnesses from testifying for the plaintiffs in a case alleging the medical device company failed to warn of dangers from defectively designed vascular filters.

Lawyers for New Jersey …

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Parties in herbal supplements MDL reach settlement, Walgreens, Wal-Mart and other retailers have reached an agreement to settle a multidistrict litigation alleging the companies sold herbal supplements that did not contain their marketed active ingredients.

All of the 71 MDL cases consolidated …

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Tap water litigation now assigned judge, pending in multi-district court slew of lawsuits have been approved to go before a multi-district litigation court, assigned last month to Judge Joel B. Johnson, a retired judge of the 156th District Court in San Patricio County.

Multi-district litigation is intended to combine in …

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$51M Deal Ends Long-Running Oppenheimer Junk Bond MDL

OppenheimerFunds Inc. has agreed to pay almost $51 million to settle allegations that it invested in junk bonds and risky derivatives despite claiming to focus on investment-grade municipal bonds, ending …

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Feinberg To Be Settlement Master In Fiat Chrysler MDL mediator Kenneth Feinberg will be charged with brokering a deal in multidistrict litigation over whether certain diesel engines in Fiat Chrysler …

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Bellwether Case Set to Begin in GM Ignition MDL litigation tsunami continues as another bellwether ignition defect case against General Motors heads to trial Monday in the U.S. District Court for the S…

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Oakland Police Sexual Exploitation Case Exposed

Court Orders Oakland to Report on Fixes Following Police Sexual Exploitation Case federal judge has ordered Oakland officials to detail how they plan to fix procedural issues in the Police Department identified last month in a court-ordered report that found OPD’s investigation into a widespread officer sexual exploitation case …

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Damning New Report Shows How Oakland Cops Covered Up Their Sexual Exploitation of a Minor damning new report explains the extent that the Oakland Police Department (OPD) was involved with the girl, who goes by the pseudonym Celeste Guap, and also details OPD leadership’s myriad attempts to make the scandal disappear.

Throughout the …

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Judge: Oakland must show plan for fixing PD federal judge has summoned lawyers for Oakland to court Monday July 10, 2017 to explain the city’s mishandling of a police sexual misconduct investigation that led to the chief’s resignation and implicated two dozen officers throughout the San …

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The Latest: Federal judge optimistic for Oakland police Latest on a summons of top Oakland, California, officials by a federal judge to discuss a report on a sexual misconduct investigation.

A federal judge who oversees the Oakland Police Department says …

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Attorneys in Oakland Police case ask judge to consider tough sanctions and Chanin said, “The failure to properly investigate the sexual misconduct from September 2015 to March 2016 without court intervention raises troubling questions about whether the senior leadership of the city of Oakland and the Oakland Police …

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Oakland Police Sexual Exploitation Case at Center of Looming Legal Showdown involved in federal court oversight of the Oakland Police Department are calling for a detailed accounting of failures and disciplinary action taken against officers and supervisors tasked with investigating a police sexual exploitation case …

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Could Oakland be held in contempt for not reforming its police? notion was raised in a court brief ahead of a hearing Monday at which city attorneys will be called to account for blunders highlighted in a report last month that detailed the mishandling of a sexual misconduct case by senior members of the Police …

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